Sekak... Villa with a New Concept

About Sekak

The first step for the concept of a 'villa with a new concept'.

Sakak project carries a unique identity in design concept and meticulous execution, breaking away from the ordinary to provide added value that enhances the quality of life. Through this, it ensures meeting the needs of families, offering complete privacy, and optimal utilization of spaces.

Partners in Success

Our projects are built on united teamwork to ensure their enduring strength, continued excellence, and the reaffirmation of their quality over the years and changes.

Quality of Experience for Quality of Life

An Ideal Lifestyle

Enjoy your time in your private villa, while most people prefer spending time outside their homes. Create a safe, intimate atmosphere and quiet, profound experiences that turn into lasting memories on the tracks of life.

Create your story with Sakak

Years filled with happy stories and unforgettable moments await you.

Life Designed as Art

From the moment you step into your villa at Sakak, you'll realize you've already arrived at your destination.

Every Track Has a Story Waiting to Begin

Each Sakak project is a piece of art crafted to create villas that combine comfort and innovation in execution.

About the Developer

Wathbah Investment Company is a Saudi company specialized in residential and commercial real estate investment, development, and innovation.

Wathbah is a Saudi investment company founded in 2018 in Riyadh. It is a leading company in the development of unique real estate projects, relying on the accumulated experience of its team over the past thirty years in real estate development and innovation.

Sakak Communities

Every track has a story waiting to begin

Each track consists of a collection of luxurious townhouse villas, designed to meet the needs of family life. Their design achieves aesthetic and optimal space utilization, providing a distinctive residential experience with complete privacy.

Create your story with Sakak

Own your luxurious villa today in its perfect location

Years filled with happy stories and unforgettable moments await you in a lifetime.